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Update/Add Emails, Add Guardians, and More Website Tips

By 4 Leaf Lacrosse, 09/30/21, 6:30AM EDT


Our SportsEngine site is the focal point of the 4 Leaf Lacrosse communication strategy. Our site is where we send emails from, where we post game and practice schedules, where we process registrations, and where we collect payments and establish payment plans. 

Please see below for answers to some common questions we get related to our website functionality. As administrators, we don't have a lot of access to your own SportsEngine account, as SportsEngine puts the onus on you to keep your communication settings up to date. 

if you aren't able to see your child in the sportsengine app, or if you are only seeing events as a 'fan'... 

The way SE works is that the user account who registers the child will automatically have the team populate on their SportsEngine mobile app, will be able to RSVP, and will receive emails and notifications. Sometimes what we see is that mom registers the child, but then dad logs into SportsEngine with his account and can't see the team or athlete. In this case you have two options - share one login between spouses/partners, or set up a Guardian relationship in Sportsengine


if you want to add additional emails to your account...

Click this link:


if you and another guardian have separate sportsengine accounts but you both want to be able to access rsvp functionality and view schedules...

Click this link:


if you have an ongoing payment plan but want to update/edit your card information...

Click this link:


Have other questions not answered here? Email